Type: Water Treatment Plant

hector water treatment project

Hector, MN – Water Treatment Plant

Challenge: Hector’s existing water treatment plant was a 22-year-old iron, manganese and arsenic removal treatment plant with a steel gravity filter. The facility employed aeration, detention and gravity filtration. The plant’s gravity filter was in need of rehabilitation by way of media replacement, sandblasting and repainting. The filter also needed a new underdrain system. Heavy … Read More

city of enderlin water treatment project

Enderlin, ND – Water Treatment Plant

Problem The water treatment plant at Enderlin was stretched to the limits. Frequent repairs caused the plant to shut down, which jeopardized the city’s ability to provide its users with adequate potable water. The budget called for rehabilitation rather than new construction to fix the problems. Solution After a critical review of the plant’s system, … Read More

Ulen, MN – Water treatment plant

Challenge Ulen needed to get the arsenic out of its water. Wells supplying the city’s water had high concentrations of the chemical-more than twice the treatment standard of less than 10 parts per billion. Plus, the city was experiencing too many water main breaks, and its aging infrastructure needed replacing. The solution, however, had to … Read More

Sabin, MN – Water Treatment Plant

Challenge The City of Sabin’s water treatment plant primarily removed iron and arsenic. However, a technical evaluation of the water treatment plant and the distribution system revealed limited removal of iron and no removal of manganese. This resulted in taste issues and many colored water episodes. Meeting water quality standards and consistent operation in the … Read More

rolla water treatment plant

Rolla, ND – Water Treatment Plant

Challenge The Rolla water treatment plant had continued failures in its membrane system, resulting in water quality complaints from city residents. Further, the city’s water distribution system consisted of aged water mains. Solution Moore Engineering simplified the chemical treatment system to remove iron and manganese. Comprehensive computer water modeling of the city’s water distribution system … Read More

city of callaway project

Callaway, MN – Water Treatment Project

Challenge The City of Callaway had an aging water system. Much of the water distribution system included old cast iron water mains. Additionally, their water supply system contained arsenic concentrations higher than the new maximum contamination limits (MCL) established by the EPA. The city would have been able to connect to White Earth’s water treatment … Read More