Water Resources Services

Moore Engineering is a leader in water management across the region. For decades, we’ve played a key role in developing infrastructure that manages our most valuable resource. Our team of engineers and scientists has provided comprehensive water resource services to hundreds of public organizations and private landowners, including flood protection infrastructure, urban and rural water management, and planning & modeling services.

Flood Protection Infrastructure

Effective water management is critical to the well-being of our communities. Without it, our most valuable resource can quickly become destructive. That’s why our team of engineers has worked alongside watershed and water resource districts, cities, and towns to develop flood risk reduction projects including the Sheyenne Diversion, permanent Red River flood control, and the Maple River Dam.
Our large-scale public infrastructure project services include permitting, design, funding assistance, right of way, and construction services.

Urban Stormwater Infrastructure

Without proper infrastructure, stormwater can wreak havoc on public and private property in urban areas. Hundreds of cities and towns have trusted Moore to create and maintain stormwater utilities, regional stormwater ponds, lift stations, and more to protect those who live and work within their borders.
Our urban stormwater services include planning, study, design, funding assistance, right-of-way, and construction services.

Watershed Management

When left unchecked, runoff and overland flooding can have a damaging impact on critical infrastructure and surrounding communities. Moore has been trusted by numerous water management organizations to successfully complete various water infrastructure projects, such as those related to water quality, agricultural drainage, erosion control, closed basin outlets, and hydraulic structures.
Our watershed management services include planning, study, design, funding assistance, right-of-way, and construction services related to agriculture ditch systems, road crossings and other structures, lake outlets, river and stream channel stabilization projects, water quality enhancement projects, and more.

Planning & Modeling

With an experienced partner, you’ll have the confidence to build and plan for the future, even when the water rises. At Moore, our clients trust us to create accurate models and effectively plan for the impact and behavior of water in relation to floodplains, rivers, urban stormwater, watersheds, and flood insurance studies.
Our water resource planning and modeling services include review of FEMA flood insurance studies, river modeling, floodplain modeling, and hydrologic watershed modeling.

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