Transportation Services

Reliable transportation infrastructure is critical to the mobility and economic health of our communities. For decades, Moore Engineering has partnered with state-wide departments of transportation to serve hundreds of cities, counties, and towns in the region. Together we design, build, and maintain urban, rural, and state streets and highway systems to keep us moving forward. Our engineers are experts in identifying and executing what’s necessary for each project, including traffic operations, ADA, stormwater design, ROW acquisition, environmental permitting, and utility coordination.

Urban Streets and Highways

Transportation systems are foundational to the vitality and economic health of urban communities. That’s why Moore has been trusted to complete projects ranging from mill and overlay to full road & utility reconstructions. Our engineers have the experience to deliver long-lasting results that are on time and within budget.

Rural/County Highway Systems

The mobility of rural communities is critical to the health and well-being of the entire region. At Moore, we are honored to have partnered with dozens of counties and local government agencies to develop the infrastructure that connects us all. Our team has successfully completed numerous projects, from graveling and grade raises to box culvert projects and large-scale highway paving projects.

State Highway Systems

Across the region, millions depend on reliable state highway systems to connect families, communities, and economies. Their importance and our pursuit of perfection are why Moore is trusted by State DOTs. Our team of engineers has completed a variety of critical projects, from overlays and grade rises to widening and reconstructing sections of the interstate highway system.

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