Environmental Services

Moore Engineering helps private landowners, developers, and farmers complete sustainable projects and navigate complex regulations. We offer best-in-class analysis and evaluation, design and engineering, reporting, permitting, and funding assistance.

Analysis and Evaluation

Every successful construction project begins with thoughtful planning and meticulous evaluation. Without the right partner, valuable time and countless dollars can be lost. At Moore, we’re here to help you make the right first choices with analysis and evaluation related to wetlands, GIS, watershed planning and implementation, restoration, and endangered species.

Design and Engineering

Moore’s meticulous design and precision engineering capabilities enable us to provide tailored environmental solutions that meet each project’s specific requirements. With our decades of experience and deep technical knowledge, clients trust us to deliver high-quality and long-lasting results on time and within budget. Our team has expertise across a wide range of projects, including feasibility and water quality assessments, wetland and stream restoration, stormwater treatment, and more.


Accurate and comprehensive reporting is a critical function for any landowner. Without the right guidance, you can face legal and construction headwinds. At Moore, we’re trusted by hundreds of clients to manage accurate reports for wetland mitigation and banking, NEPA, watershed planning and implementation, site constraints, and permit applicability.


Navigating complex permitting application processes can be time-consuming and costly without guidance. Our thorough understanding of state, federal, and local regulations means our clients can rely on us to manage the permitting process efficiently and with minimized risk of delays or costly mistakes. At Moore, we are the trusted experts on environmental permitting with experience in wetland and stormwater permitting, compliance, and more.

Funding Assistance

Obtaining funding is critical to transforming your project from an idea into reality. At Moore Engineering, our experts take time to develop strategies tailored to your specific needs that maximize funding and minimize wait times. From funding research, strategy, application submission, and grant management, we’ll guide you through every step in the funding process.

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