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As an employee-owned company, Moore Engineering is committed to sustaining a family culture, coupled with sustainable business practices that create long-term value for employees and clients.

We’re proud that many of our clients and more than 130 employees have been with us for decades. The longevity of our employees is key in building lasting relationships with our clients. Together, we create long-term success. Join the Moore family

The wilds neighborhood civil engineering project in West Fargo, North Dakota

Employees Share

in the company’s success

Moore employees know that the work they do every day makes a difference. They’re not working for someone else, because they’re contributing to the success of a company they own. That dynamic creates a higher level of accountability and achievement.

In 1998, Moore Engineering formed an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), making employees partial owners of the company; the company became 100 percent employee owned in 2004. Today, employees enjoy quarterly bonuses, profit sharing and retirement plan contributions that are all tied to the company’s success and their own personal performance.

Our employee-owners are encouraged to learn and grow, with leadership opportunities available at every level of an employee’s career. We focus on a positive, team-oriented approach, where employees are allowed to explore their talents and work on challenging, rewarding tasks and projects. Check out our current openings.

Giving Back

Strong communities are also built by being involved and engaged. Employees are encouraged and given the opportunity to be leaders in the community outside the workplace. Our employees hold leadership positions in local, state and professional organizations. They volunteer, delivering Meals on Wheels, ringing Salvation Army bells, planting trees and contributing money to worthy organizations.

“Moore Giving” is our corporate philanthropy program, contributing time and money to worthy community programs. Employees control a portion of our philanthropy budget and Moore supports their community involvement whenever possible.

It all adds up to improving lives by building strong communities for our employees, our clients and our neighbors. Discover more opportunities with Moore.

Benefits & Perks

High Deductible Health Plan
Health Savings Account
Dental & Vision Insurance
Flexible Spending Account
Life Insurance
Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance
Remote Work
Long Term Disability Insurance
Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
401 (k)
Profit Sharing Plan
Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)
Quarterly Compensation Incentives
Paid Time Off
Paid Holidays
Paid Maternity and Paternity Leave
Tuition Assistance Program
Flexible Schedules
Wellness Program

Stories from Within

The flexible schedule and the ability to work from home has allowed me to have more balance in my life.

Alison Hanslip

Moore believes in making sure people are finding a career path for themselves.

Amy Denz

I have been at Moore for 15 years. There have always been opportunities for growth.

Brandon Oye

Moore engineering has a very good family culture. They respect their employees. That’s what I love about Moore.

Carrie Fraser

We are improving lives by building strong communities. It’s in our mission statement, and it’s true.

Erik Gilbertson

It’s a lot like a family. They genuinely care about you. It’s not just about the job. We care about each other.

Jessica Martin

The three words I relate to Moore Engineering are culture, family, and fun. All of us employees really enjoy being around each other. It’s a great atmosphere.

Jim Jackson

Being an ESOP company naturally creates teamwork. All of us want Moore to be successful so we come together to help each other out.

Kari Nehls

We are always working together and trying to do our part. Everyone leverages their strengths to make the company move forward. In turn the company looks out for us as employees.

Tyrel Clark

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