Type: Sewer & Water Improvement

Sheyenne Street Downtown Improvements

Challenge The City Commission of West Fargo is making a conscious effort to revive and revitalize the downtown area from Main Avenue to 7th Avenue to become a cultural hub for entertainment and enhance the economic vitality of the area. Additionally, a Core Area Infrastructure Master Plan Study identified the asbestos cement water distribution system … Read More

Mandan, ND – Midtown East Street Improvements

Challenge The Midtown East Neighborhood was an older neighborhood with approximately 30 blocks in need of major infrastructure and street improvements. The City hired Moore Engineering to study the neighborhood and develop a plan to address deteriorated curb and gutter, ADA ramps, lighting, sidewalks, water mains, sanitary sewer mains, storm sewer, streets and alleys. The … Read More

Casselton, ND – 15th Avenue North Sewer and Water Extension

Challenge: A local developer wanted to provide new residential lots on platted property that had sat vacant for many years. Significant challenges were preventing the ability to utilize the land to be built upon. The city currently did not have any sewer or water service for the properties. Many of the lots were not able … Read More

Mapleton, ND – School Zone Improvements

Challenge Mapleton’s existing elementary school, 506 1st Street, is 92 years old, and the city recently voted to pass a bond referendum to pay for a new elementary school. At the time, a new school was under construction east of the existing school, on the north side of 1st Street. The street in front of the former … Read More

LaMoure, ND – Sewer and Water Improvements

Challenge LaMoure, ND had issues with sewer mains that were installed in the 1930s as a combined sanitary sewer and storm sewer. A small portion of the existing sanitary sewer mains were largely oversized as 18-inch and 24-inch vitrified clay pipe (VCP) sewer mains. The sanitary sewer mains were near the end of their useful … Read More

Finley, ND – Industrial Park Sewer & Water Extension

Challenge: A new elevator and fertilizer plant in the City of Finley was in need of sewer and water to run its business. In addition, the project would need to include ditching, driveways and an asphalt road for access to nearby businesses. Aside from the required services, the City of Finley needed to line up … Read More

Kenmare & Ward County, ND – Street, storm sewer and water main improvements

Challenge This project consisted of full removal and reconstruction of nearly one mile of rural roadway. Design challenges included an existing roadway corridor that has 130 feet of vertical change over the length of the project. The stretch also had over 40 driveways and street approaches. The north side of the road was considerably higher … Read More

new england project

New England, ND – Water System Improvement

Challenge:  Cast-iron water main pipes in New England, North Dakota were nearly 70 years old and filled with rust deposits.  The pipe corrosion was diminishing water pressure, leaving residents with minimal water pressure and the town with low flow from fire hydrants.  The rust deposits were also causing water discoloration throughout the City, forcing homeowners … Read More

Napoleon, ND – Storm sewer, sanitary sewer & water main replacement

Challenge The City of Napoleon had an aged sanitary sewer system. The vitrified clay pipe system was installed from 1949 to 1973. The system was leaking and there were infiltration and inflow issues. As a result, the sanitary lift station was running both pumps around the clock. The cast iron water main had been installed … Read More

mayville water and sewer project

Mayville, ND – Sewer & Water Improvements

Challenge Mayville faced some serious water and wastewater issues, including frequent water line breaks, low water pressure, high fire rating, and inadequate sewage treatment and sewer collection-resulting in sewer back-ups in homes. Plus, the water treatment plant didn’t meet safe drinking water standards. Finally, finding the money to make needed improvements was a big challenge. … Read More