Type: Force Main Replacement

Arthur, ND – Water Main Replacement

Challenge The City of Arthur had a water main that was near the end of its useful life and in need of replacement.  The existing water main was asbestos cement pipe, which is brittle and can break easily in the Red River Valley soils during freeze-thaw cycles.  The city also had numerous gate valves and … Read More

Wheaton, MN – Lift station upgrade and sanitary sewer replacement

Challenge The City of Wheaton had an aging sanitary sewer system. The system exhibited excessive amounts of infiltration and inflow and its old clay tile pipe was in very poor condition. During the spring of the year, there were several occasions when direct bypassing of the city’s main lift station of sewage occurred resulting in … Read More

West Fargo Sewer and Force Main Project

West Fargo, ND – Sewer & Water Improvements

Challenge The City of West Fargo had grown rapidly (75 percent in the past ten years), stretching the capacity of the existing sanitary sewer systems. As a result, the city experienced multiple sewer system malfunctions leading to increased maintenance and burden to city personnel. Frequent lift station equipment failures and force main ruptures on the … Read More