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Floodplain Manager of the Year 2022 | Alexa Ducioame

Alexa Ducioame was recently named Floodplain Manager of the Year. This award is presented by the Minnesota Association of Floodplain Managers. This is a group of professionals who are dedicated to learning ways to prepare and respond to floods in the state.   This award is given to someone who exemplifies exceptional contributions to mitigating … Read More

Sheyenne River Diversion | Providing Protection Since 1992

The Sheyenne River meanders through deep ravines in Eastern North Dakota before spilling onto the flat lake bottom of ancient Lake Agassiz where the relatively flat topography is susceptible to overland flooding. The cities of West Fargo and Horace are protected by permanent flood protection in the form of a diversion that conveys Sheyenne River … Read More

Maple River Dam | Damage is Being Avoided Every Minute

Spring waters are receding after reminding us of all the potential for catastrophic flooding. Some areas were impacted more than others, but for the most part, projects built years ago are now paying off. For the first time since completion, several water mitigation projects are now being tested, with great success. “We’re definitely seeing the … Read More

City of Lisbon Flooding - May 2022

Flood Protection Project Reduces Stress. Is a Blessing for the Community.

“If we had not had the permanent levee structure we have in place, we would’ve been in full mode flood fight probably for 3 weeks now. But pretty much all we’ve done was put in the road closures. The permanent levees have been a very good blessing for us,” says City of Lisbon Mayor, Tim … Read More

Flood Protection Project Alleviates Burden on Residences, Local Businesses

Residents of Lisbon, N.D., have been abuzz with anticipation lately about some encouraging changes on the horizon. As of November 16, a number of Lisbon residences and businesses that have always been considered within the floodplain will no longer be federally required to carry flood insurance. This is all thanks to a comprehensive levee project … Read More

Amy Denz and Tara Ostendorf Feature in MN Cities

Amy Denz, Environmental Group Leader, and Tara Ostendorf, Project Coordinator, wrote a feature article that was published in the September/October 2020 edition of Minnesota Cities. The article is called, “One Watershed, One Plan: A Local Level Perspective”. Read the article below, or take a look at the full publication here.     Is your city … Read More

Drainage and Watershed Timing in the Red River Basin

The following article was originally published in North Dakota Water magazine’s March 2019 issue. The relationship between surface drainage and flooding is often misunderstood. Logic would dictate that drains move water and therefore cause floods. As with most any water-related topic, reality is far more complex. The purpose of this article is to explain the … Read More