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Amy Denz and Tara Ostendorf Feature in MN Cities

Amy Denz, Environmental Group Leader, and Tara Ostendorf, Project Coordinator, wrote a feature article that was published in the September/October 2020 edition of Minnesota Cities. The article is called, “One Watershed, One Plan: A Local Level Perspective”. Read the article below, or take a look at the full publication here.     Is your city … Read More

Environmental Overview

When beginning a new project, whether it involves infrastructure, water resources, transportation or other engineering, there are various hurdles to overcome before construction can even begin. Often times, the first phase of the project involves evaluating the environmental considerations, such as the site itself and the potential regulations or permits that may be required. Our Environmental group works with clients to identify and plan for environmental concerns or … Read More

Water quality top concern for all cities

The general public probably doesn’t think about it. Kids take it for granted. Developing countries may never experience it. So what is “it”? Clean water. Scientific regulations. Water quality standards. It’s all second nature to us. And it’s accepted because it keeps us safe and our environment clean. Even so, these regulations are ever-changing, so … Read More