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Wes Boll | Environmental Scientist

Meet Wes Boll, an environmental scientist and a valuable member of the Environmental team at Moore Engineering Inc. With a passion for the environment and decades of experience, Wes delivers best-in-class results for the clients he serves.

Wes joined the Moore Engineering team in 2021. Since receiving a degree in Environmental Studies with a Biology emphasis, Wes has worked on a wide variety of projects in his 20+ year career as an environmental consultant. 

Shortly after entering the field, Wes discovered a passion for wetlands. For 16 years, he’s worked closely with clients to resolve wetland regulation roadblocks and develop wetland management strategies. Recently, he’s focused his attention on wetland mitigation banking and wetland restoration. 

Wetland mitigation and wetland mitigation banking are important tools for landowners, farmers, and developers to offset impacts on natural wetlands. They also play a critical role in preserving delicate ecosystems and the natural beauty of the midwest. Learn more about wetland mitigation here.

Wes’ experience and expertise contribute to the world-class environmental team assembled at Moore Engineering. Together, they help clients across the region develop land management strategies and navigate the complexities of environmental regulation. 

As an avid outdoorsman, Wes finds great joy in seeing the positive impact of his work on the climate, local wildlife, and the communities that benefit. He also finds satisfaction in serving rural landowners and producers to make the best possible use of their land – a sentiment shared by the entire environmental team.

How can Wes, and the rest of the Moore Engineering team, help you?

The Moore engineering environmental team has decades of experience helping clients identify and plan for environmental concerns and regulations before construction. We’ve helped thousands of clients across North Dakota and Minnesota get the most out of their land. For a complete list of our environmental services, click here or contact a member of our team to learn more.

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