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Cultivating Conservation: Enhancing the Heartland with Environmental Engineering

The Upper Midwest’s plains, rivers, forests, and lakes are essential to our local communities. They fuel our economies and enrich our lives. For the last 60+ years, Moore Engineering has been on a mission to “improve lives by building strong communities” which includes helping landowners effectively manage their land while conserving it for future generations. Our commitment to creating sustainable solutions goes beyond engineering. We foster a deep respect for the natural landscape that defines our region.

Our expertise helps clients implement land management strategies that maximize productivity while allowing for conservation and/or regulatory compliance. For many of our engineers and scientists, our connection to clients and the land is personal. We take a holistic approach with our clients and their needs.

Our Unique Connection to the Land

Some team members, like Tara Ostendorf and Greg Meyer, who work in our environmental sector, manage hobby farms in their spare time. Many more grew up in the rural Midwest and are passionate outdoor enthusiasts. This intimate understanding of the land’s value – both as a resource and a legacy – guides every project we take on.

Our personal investment in the land mirrors that of our clients. We know that for ag producers and landowners, your land is a way of life. This shared perspective strengthens our commitment to delivering solutions that respect the land’s natural health and the economic realities of those who manage it.

Full Suite of Environmental Services

For many engineering firms, creating comprehensive environmental services is an afterthought. Some view it as only a necessary evil for broader engineering projects. At Moore Engineering, we take a different approach. 

We offer a full range of standalone and packaged environmental services, including wetland mitigation and banking, engineering and design, analysis, permitting, and reporting. Our holistic approach carefully considers the ecological and economic dimensions of every project. 

By leveraging our environmental expertise, we are uniquely equipped to address the challenges and opportunities of land conservation. Whether it’s navigating the complexities of wetland management or designing sustainable projects, our team brings a wealth of knowledge and a personal commitment to each project.

“We have been very satisfied working with Wes Boll, Jeff Madejczyk, and Moore Engineering. Every question I’ve had has been answered in a suitable time and manner. I would have absolutely no reservations about recommending Wes for anybody’s project.” 

Kevin Root, Landowner/Ag Producer

Beyond Environmental Services

Moore Engineering’s environmental services are complemented by in-house resources for funding, permitting, and regulatory compliance. Since 2018, our team of funding experts has helped clients identify and unlock over $270M in grants and financing.

Local, state, and federal regulations exist for maintaining and protecting our natural ecosystem and resources. We understand that navigating the complexities of regulations can be time-consuming. Our team of experts has spent decades helping landowners stay on top of regulatory standards.

3 employees smiling around a conference room table. One has a laptop open and the other two are looking at notebooks and plans.

Connect With Our Team of Environmental Scientists and Engineers

If you’re an Ag producer, developer, or landowner, or if you are invested in the sustainable future of the Upper Midwest, Moore Engineering is your partner in land management and conservation. From initial planning and design to funding and reporting, our environmental team is ready to help.

Our commitment to the land is unwavering, driven by a shared understanding of its value to our clients, communities, and future generations. Contact us to learn how we can help you balance productivity with conservation, ensuring that your land remains a vibrant and sustainable resource for years to come.

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