Fargo, ND – Urban Plains Development Survey Services

Moore Engineering was hired in the fall of 2013 by the City of Fargo for work within the Urban Plains Development, a 90-acre commercial development.

The preliminary survey included an existing conditions topographic survey. Construction staking included 6,800 linear feet of sanitary sewer main and service staking, 4,000 linear feet of water main and service staking, 4,750 linear feet of storm sewer staking, sanitary sewer manholes and lift station, storm sewer manholes and inlets, water main fittings, hydrants and valves and other miscellaneous staking.

Then, in the spring and summer of 2014, Moore provided construction engineering, construction administration, construction inspection and survey staking services for PN-14-80 Concrete Curb and Gutter, Asphalt Paving, Street Lights & Incidentals.

The project included grading and drainage, erosion and sediment control, asphalt streets with concrete curb and gutter, street lighting, sidewalks, bike paths. Administration of construction process, quantities and partial contract payments were provided to the City of Fargo through the City’s Masterworks program.

The preliminary survey included and existing conditions topographic survey. Detailed construction staking included 9,000 cubic yards of excavation verification survey, 6,500 cubic yards of subcut verification survey, 19,500 square yards of subgrade preparation, and aggregate base staking, 8,500 linear feet of curb and gutter staking, 5,500 square yards of concrete bike path and sidewalk staking, 31,000 square yards of boulevard grading, street lighting, signing, concrete driveways, Americans with Disability Act-approved ramps, removals, and other miscellaneous staking.

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