Casselton, ND – Water Tower Replacement


The City of Casselton had a 100,000-gallon multi-column water tower constructed in the early 1920s and a 300,000-gallon underground reservoir constructed in 1962. Both the tower and underground reservoir had reached the end of their useful life. The tower was showing signs of its age with rust, paint failures and loss of steel. The underground reservoir concrete roof was crumbling and near failure. In addition, the overall storage facilities would be inadequate considering daily demand, fire flow storage, and growth that was projected to continue to a population of 4,330 people by 2040. To continue providing a sufficient supply of safe drinking water to the people of Casselton, the city needed to take action on replacing the storage facilities.



Moore Engineering assisted the city with installing a new 500,000-gallon single pedestal tower to replace the older storage facilities. This tank would be easier and more cost-efficient to maintain, provide an additional 100,000 gallons of capacity and offered better in-tank mixing and less cold weather ice formation than the previous tower. Moore also assisted in the City in acquiring a federal Municipal, Rural & Industrial (MR&I) Water Supply grant and a Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF) low-interest loan.



The new tower was put into service and both the old tower and underground reservoir were removed. The new tower provides the city with the ability to grow and better serve residents. Further, it features the City’s name to display to the traveling public when they enter the community from the north. Moore Engineering developed a comprehensive project and aided the City in securing project financing. Moore also completed all preliminary engineering, construction observation, construction surveying, construction contract administration and funding administration on behalf of the city. The result was that the water storage system was improved long term, with the support of nearly 55% grant funding.

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