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Moore Engineering Wins NDDOT’s Vision Zero “Infrastructure Project of The Year” Award

We are thrilled to announce that Moore Engineering, alongside Cass County Highway Department and the City of Mapleton, has received the North Dakota Department of Transportation Vision Zero Infrastructure Award for our commitment to improving public safety across the state. 

Brandon Oye, a Senior Project Manager in Moore Engineering’s Civil Sector, accepted the award at the Vision Zero Partner summit held at the Bismarck State College National Energy Center of Excellence on May 16th. Brandon stepped on stage alongside representatives of the Cass Country Highway Department. Together they were recognized for shared efforts to enhance public safety through substantial improvements made to County Road 11 in Mapleton.

The 2022 project, designated the “Infrastructure Project of the Year,” aimed to address significant safety concerns along County Road 11. Poor lighting, sparse signage, and a lack of walking paths created unsafe environments for cyclists, pedestrians, and drivers. Moore aimed to enhance safety by improving connectivity with sidewalks and Shared Use Paths. We also introduce a flashing pedestrian crossing to enhance safety for those crossing County Highway 11. Our focus on improving pedestrian safety and ensuring efficient traffic flow resulted in a safer environment for all road users.

Collaborative Excellence

Everyone at Moore Engineering is grateful to work with partners who share our vision for infrastructure safety in North Dakota. Without their input, expertise, and unwavering commitment, this project, and the safety improvements that came with it, would not have materialized.

Brandon worked closely with Kyle Lichty, Assistant County Engineer at the Cass County Highway Department. We asked Kyle to give his perspective on the project and Moore’s role in promoting public safety in North Dakota. He highlighted Moore Engineering’s professionalism, expertise, and commitment to understanding the needs of the cities that we serve. Litchty praised the team for their exceptional project design and ability to generate cost-effective ideas without compromising on the quality of the final product.

“Moore Engineering has done a great job with public safety projects, especially within the cities they manage. Since I started here they always seem to have some kind of safety project going on within one of the cities that they manage in Cass County.” Litchy continued, “This Project specifically improved safety by improving connectivity with the sidewalks/Shared Use Paths in the City of Mapleton as well as adding another flashing ped crossing to improve pedestrian safety for crossing County Highway 11.”

Kyle Litchy, Assistant County Engineer, Cass County Highway Department

Receiving the North Dakota Department of Transportation Vision Zero Infrastructure Award is a significant milestone in Moore Engineering’s history. The award further motivates us to continue our unwavering commitment to public safety in North Dakota. This award is a testament to the dedication, expertise, and collaborative spirit of our team and the strong partnerships that make our work possible.

Our Past Guides Our Future

Moore Engineering has remained committed to its mission of improving lives by building strong communities since its founding in 1960. For decades, we’ve proudly served hundreds of urban cities and rural towns across the region. Moore’s world-class team of engineers and specialists has successfully completed thousands of projects to develop and maintain the infrastructure that keeps our communities safely moving forward.

We look forward to the future as we remain committed to improving North Dakota’s infrastructure and fostering safer environments for all North Dakotans. Moore Engineering will continue to lead the way in driving innovation, efficiency, and safety to build a brighter and safer future for the Peace Garden State.

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