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Brandon Oye & Jerod Klabunde | Graduate Engineer | Then & Now

We have had so much fun walking down memory lane with some of our great engineers! Today we want to introduce you to two of our engineers who joined Moore within a year of each other. Meet Brandon Oye and Jerod Klabunde!

Brandon Oye

Years of service to MEI: 17

Year you started as a GE: 2006

Why did you choose engineering as your career path?

I grew up in a “construction family” working for my Dad’s asphalt paving business, so I’ve always been interested in that type of work, being outside around construction projects. In high school, I really enjoyed Physics class and asked my teacher what I should do if I like physics, and he recommended becoming an Engineer. Later, in high school, I saw the reconstruction of a street being done along our school, and I remember looking at all the large concrete storm sewer pipes laid out along the road ready to be installed and I thought, “I wonder how they figure out how to install the pipe, where it goes, and how big it should be?”. After high school, I decided to enroll in the College of Engineering at NDSU and took their “101 Engineering” class that talked about all the different types of engineers, such as Mechanical, Electrical, Industrial, Structural, and Civil. When they talked about Civil Engineering, they started showing roads and storm sewer systems and I immediately knew that was the type of Engineer I wanted to be, so I enrolled in Civil Engineering and graduated with that degree.

What has changed since you started your career as an engineer?

The design programs Engineers use now are much more sophisticated. Designing in 3D as opposed to 2D is becoming much more common. Data collection has also become much more sophisticated with drones using photogrammetry or LiDAR, giving Engineers much more accurate data to help improve designs. There is a lot more collaboration across many different technical skills. Also, I understand much better the complexity of getting these projects built, from working with clients/stakeholders and determining funding and financing for projects, to many things beyond the nuts and bolts of the actual engineering that goes into projects. It’s a complicated process to get through, but that’s the value we as Engineers provide our clients. I worried right when I started my career that maybe computers would one day do the job of Engineers, but I quickly realized you are always going to need “people” to get these projects built.

What made you choose Moore Engineering?

I worked for the NDDOT as an intern doing inspections during the summers in college. The pace of work was a little slower than I liked in the public sector. I was lucky to find a job opening in my hometown with a private consulting company (Moore) doing the type of work I saw myself doing, and at a pace I could generally set. Really, I was just excited to have a job in my field right out of college, just lucky it happened to be at Moore.

What makes you stay with Moore Engineering?

I have great autonomy at Moore, being able to do what I love doing, helping our clients figure out solutions to their problems and goals. I enjoy working with the different teams of people that work on our projects, both inside and outside our company. I also enjoy the flexibility in the working hours the company allows and having a family with needs that come up during the day. Also, I really haven’t had a “slow” day since I started working at Moore. There have always been exciting projects to work on, and there has never been a dull/slow day.

Jerod Klabunde

Years of Service to MEI: 16

Year you started as a GE: 2007

Why did you choose engineering as your career path?

I graduated from a small high school in 2002. Because I was proficient in math and science, our school guidance counselor encouraged me to pursue an engineering degree. Without really knowing what an engineer does, I attended NDSU and enrolled in the engineering college as a “general engineer”. Before the end of my first year, I declared Civil Engineering as my major, graduating 4 years later with a Bachelor of Science in civil engineering. Over my time at NDSU, I worked 3 different summer internships to gain knowledge of the different types of engineering jobs in the region.

What has changed since you started your career as an engineer?

The basic principles of math and science haven’t changed, but technology has changed the way we do our jobs. When I started, we had CAD, total stations, and basic cell phones, but that was cutting-edge technology. Now, we’re able to communicate seamlessly with smartphones, and video conferencing and data can be transferred digitally instantly around the world.

What made you choose Moore Engineering?

When I graduated college in 2006, jobs were abundant, and I had several employment opportunities. The factors, in order, were the following: 1. Location – I wanted to stay in Fargo, 2. Type of business – I wanted to do municipal engineering, and since I was from a small town, I felt comfortable with the work Moore was doing, 3. The interviewer – Nick Gludt was doing the interviews, and I felt comfortable talking with him. He has a way of connecting with people….it wasn’t robotic, 4. I remember Joni describing Moore Engineering’s ESOP and ownership culture. That was unique among the other firms that I was getting offers from, 5. A Friend – I knew Brandon Oye from college, and I visited with him on the phone about Moore Engineering. He made me comfortable that it was a good place to work.

What makes you stay with Moore Engineering?

I truly enjoy the environment: The people I work with everyday work hard, are passionate about their jobs, and are enjoyable to be around. I’ve worked my butt off. My hard work has been noticed and appreciated, and I’ve been able to advance my career accordingly. I have had great supervisors that encouraged independence (not micro-managing). In addition, I have advanced my career by becoming a Professional Engineer in North Dakota and licensed in South Dakota, earning several promotions from supervisor to group leader. Moore has also offered me a fair salary, bonuses when appropriate, great recognition for achievements, excellent benefits, and respect among peers and upper management.

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