Sabin, MN – Water Treatment Plant


The City of Sabin’s water treatment plant primarily removed iron and arsenic. However, a technical evaluation of the water treatment plant and the distribution system revealed limited removal of iron and no removal of manganese. This resulted in taste issues and many colored water episodes. Meeting water quality standards and consistent operation in the treatment plant was a crucial first step to eliminate the colored water and cleaning the distribution system.


Moore Engineering helped the city modify the pre-treatment scheme and implement strategies to better control the finished water quality. After evaluating data gathered through water sampling, bench scale testing, and investigating polymer addition, Moore Engineering made recommendations to proceed with full scale operation to improve the water quality throughout the city. In addition, Moore Engineering developed a computer water model for the city to analyze fire flow and water age. Most importantly, they developed a systematic flushing program that scoured the pipe network to remove mineral deposits and colored water.

Project Outcome

The city’s water plant can now produce consistent water quality beyond the original process design that meets secondary drinking water standards. This was critical for successful cleanup of the distribution system. The flushing program continues to improve the water quality in the distribution network. The city is now enjoying better tasting water and minimal complaints.

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