city of callaway project

Callaway, MN – Water Treatment Project


The City of Callaway had an aging water system. Much of the water distribution system included old cast iron water mains. Additionally, their water supply system contained arsenic concentrations higher than the new maximum contamination limits (MCL) established by the EPA.

The city would have been able to connect to White Earth’s water treatment system located nine miles north at a high cost. The city and Moore Engineering, Inc. decided to run a pilot study on treatment technology to remove the arsenic from its current water source. After running the pilot study, they determined that treating the city’s existing water source was a more practical, advantageous solution in comparison to connecting to White Earth’s treatment system.


The selected alternatives for the water systems were therefore to build a new water treatment plant, tower and replace the old cast iron water mains. The project included approximately 21 blocks of water main replacement and street reconstruction, including reconstruction of U.S. Hwy 59 through the city.

Project Outcome

At completion of the project, the city’s water system was up to date and its new treatment plant supplies water at below the maximum contamination limits for arsenic.

Creative funding initiatives were necessary to make the project affordable to local residences and businesses. Moore Engineering assisted the city in obtaining funding through a rural development grant and low interest load, Small Cities Development Program grant and Public Facilities Authority disadvantaged grant and a PFA low interest loan.


  • RD Grant: $342,000
  • RD Loan: $332,000
  • SCDP Grant: $600,000
  • PFA Grant: $500,000
  • PFA Loan: $400,000
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