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Moore Engineering has 60+ years of experience serving public and private clients across the Midwest with civil, water resources, environmental, and transportation engineering services. We are proud to bring our expert engineering services and years of experience to South Dakota.

Mt. Rushmoore to show that Moore Engineering operates in South Dakota


Moore Engineering helps private landowners, developers, and farmers complete sustainable projects and navigate South Dakota’s complex regulations. We offer best-in-class analysis and evaluation, design and engineering, reporting, permitting, and funding assistance.

Wetland Management

Moore Engineering offers a full spectrum of wetland services, including delineation, restoration, mitigation, and establishment of wetland mitigation banks. Whether you are restoring a degraded wetland, compensating for development impacts, or creating a mitigation bank, Moore Engineering is committed to delivering sustainable and profitable outcomes for public and private landowners, and developers in South Dakota.  

Navigating South Dakota’s Permitting Process

Navigating complex permitting application processes can be time-consuming and costly without guidance. Our thorough understanding of state, federal, and local regulations means our clients can rely on us to manage the permitting process efficiently and with minimized risk of delays or costly mistakes. At Moore, we are the trusted experts in environmental permitting with experience in wetland and stormwater permitting, compliance, and more.

Moore Engineering environmental scientists standing in woods

Water Resources Engineering

Moore Engineering is a leader in water management across the region. For decades, we’ve played a key role in developing infrastructure that manages our most valuable resource. Our team of engineers and scientists has provided comprehensive water resource services to hundreds of public organizations and private landowners, including flood protection infrastructure, urban and rural water management, and planning & modeling services.

Transportation Services in South Dakota

Pre-qualified with Sddot

Reliable transportation infrastructure is critical to the mobility and economic health of our communities. For decades, Moore Engineering has partnered with state-wide departments of transportation to serve hundreds of cities, counties, and towns in the region. In 2023, Moore Engineering was pre-qualified to provide transportation services to South Dakota’s communities.

Moore Engineering's transportation sector project during road construction

Capital Improvement Plan Services

Create a plan for the future

South Dakota’s short summers and long winters require proactive planning and prioritization of infrastructure projects. Moore Engineering’s online CIP application makes this easier than ever.

All Engineering Services

Our team is ready, willing, and able to take on your next infrastructure project.

Picture of Neighborhood where Moore Engineering provided civil engineering services
Civil Engineering

Designing resilient infrastructure for communities across South Dakota.

Moore Engineering survey crew member

Providing collection and storage of field data from topographic surveys, easements, and more.

Completed environmental engineering project by Moore Engineering

Protecting South Dakota’s breathtaking natural beauty while helping public and private landowners stay compliant.

Moore Engineering construction service members

Monitoring every stage of the construction process while ensuring compliance and accuracy.

Transportation engineering project completed by Moore Engineering

Building transportation infrastructure that connects South Dakota’s big and small communities.

Flood projection engineering project completed by Moore Engineering in Sawyer ND
Water Resources

Creating economic opportunity and protecting communities in South Dakota by meeting today’s water challenges.

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