Your Infrastructure Playbook

A capital improvement plan (CIP) is a comprehensive tool that outlines your community’s strategy and financial plan for developing, funding, and maintaining infrastructure.

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Why You Need a CIP

CIPs are essential to understanding and maintaining community infrastructure. Creating a CIP is complex and time-consuming without the right partner. Without expertise and proactive management, a CIP can quickly become outdated.

How can a CIP Help?

A well-crafted CIP gives city officials and community members a clear understanding of current and future infrastructure needs.

Stay Safe

Ensure the timely repair and replacement of aging infrastructure.

Stay in Touch

Proactive communication to the public about projects.

Stay in budget

Eliminate unexpected or unnecessary capital expenditures.

Infrastructure Evaluation

Evaluating your existing infrastructure is a critical aspect of any capital improvement plan. Moore Engineering’s team of engineers are experts in determining the current state of your infrastructure. We help you understand what’s needed to develop and maintain your critical infrastructure in the short and long term.

Maple River Dam, a water resourced project completed by Moore Engineering

Funding & Planning

Making your project a reality

Without the proper funding, project plans can’t be executed. Moore Engineering’s team are experts in helping clients identify and secure grants and cost-share. We also assist clients with public outreach and coordination with other jurisdictions on all projects.

Data Management & Upkeep

A CIP is a living and breathing tool. It requires consistent upkeep and management. Without the right partner, proper data management can be daunting. We provide our clients with a web-based program to create and update their CIP. We’ll help you create reports of CIP expenses and funding sources.

Never Stop Learning

Brandon Oye, PE

Project Manager

Brandon is a longtime City Engineer. In working with city councils, city staff, residents, government agencies, and the like, Brandon provides unmatched guidance. Brandon has significant experience in the preparation of Capital Improvement Plans (CIPs) and was recently featured as a speaker at the North Dakota League of Cities Spring Workshop in 2023, and is currently featured as a speaker on CIPs at the North Dakota Water and Pollution Control Conference in fall of 2023.

Brandon Reber, Moore Engineering Civil Eng
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