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Lisbon, N.D. – Sheyenne River Flood Protection (12/13/17 Update)

The flood protection project in Lisbon is on hold until the spring of 2018. The project is substantially complete, aside from a punch list of items to be completed when the weather is fit. Some of the major punch list items are as follows:

  • Stain and seal concrete floodwall, install decorative concrete caps 
  • Pour decorative, colored concrete around the base of the floodwall and a
  • Install a 20-foot piece of sidewalk at a construction entrance
  • Intall top 2-inch wear course of asphalt on 5th Ave
  • Other clean up items as necessary

The road closure structure (stop logs) are currently being shipped from Germany. Once they arrive, the Contractor will perform a mock demonstration of the stop logs and train City staff how to install and remove the stop logs.

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