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In league with Minnesota cities

For 55 years, Moore Engineering has been helping cities in this region find solutions that fit their situation. A small-town North Dakota native, I’ve been working with cities for 35 years. I understand how important it is to plan for the future with both projects and funding.

I’ve heard many city officials share information on funding they locked in for projects. Securing funding is essential, but did your approach make sense? Are you getting everything out of that source that you’re able to? Could you have approached it differently to do more for your city?

The Moore approach to funding is different than what you’ll find anywhere else. We don’t just get a city a grant, we work with them to get – and then do – the most with their grant. We’ve found that projects focused on sustainability backed with strong, efficient funding programs are the best way to make your city strong, viable and competitive in a way that meets the needs of your residents.

We love talking future. Stop at booths 912 and 914 at the LMC conference in Duluth, and we’ll talk!

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