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Hector, Minn – Wastewater Treatment Plant – (11/16/16 Update)

The Hector wastewater treatment facility upgrade has obtained substantial completion.  The upgrade project included the construction of new mechanical screening and grit removal treatment, new ultraviolet disinfection equipment, new RAS and WAS pumps, new influent pumps, rotary drum sludge thickening, and new sludge storage tank. The operation of the plant is now fully automated using the new SCADA controls system in place. Upgraded control functions include influent pumping control improvements, flow-proportioned RAS pumping, variable speed aeration blowers with dissolved oxygen control, automatic sludge wasting, and timer control for the aeration blowers for the sludge storage tanks. The new control systems optimizes the energy use of the treatment processes and monitors, automates, and adjusts the treatment processes.

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