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Aerial Photo of West Fargo Drain 45 Path

West Fargo | Drain 45 | Multi-use Path

Moore Engineering is proud to work with cities to help build strong communities. This project goes through the heart of West Fargo, and is a great example of a small change with big impact. Prior to this path, the 1 mile stretch of land was an open channel which was filled with stagnant water. To eliminate mosquito breeding … Read More

Sheyenne River Diversion | Providing Protection Since 1992

The Sheyenne River meanders through deep ravines in Eastern North Dakota before spilling onto the flat lake bottom of ancient Lake Agassiz where the relatively flat topography is susceptible to overland flooding. The cities of West Fargo and Horace are protected by permanent flood protection in the form of a diversion that conveys Sheyenne River … Read More