Category: Hector Wastewater Treatment Plant

Hector, Minn., Wastewater Treatment Plant – 4/25/16 Update

The UV disinfection equipment has been completed and was in operation in time for the summertime seasonal disinfection period. The equipment and piping (the building plumbing, heating, ventilation, and electrical systems) within the new process treatment building continues.  The aeration equipment and tank mixers for the biosolids storage tank is ready for use and the remaining underground site piping work is … Read More

Hector, Minn Wastewater Treatment Plant 2/26/16 Update

Doors have been installed and replaced on the new and existing treatment buildings. Piping in the new process treatment building was completed. The stairway serving the process treatment building has been set. New RAS pumps were set and connected. UV equipment was set and is being prepared for service. HVAC equipment is being set and electrical work is beginning.

Hector Wastewater Treatment plant: 1/8/16 Update

The new treatment equipment, piping, and valves are being installed within the new process treatment building. This includes the mechanical screening and grit chamber equipment and the sludge thickening equipment. Also, the existing chlorine contact chamber is being modified and prepared for the UV disinfection equipment which needs to be operational and in service by … Read More

Hector Wastewater Treatment Plant 11/24/15 Update

The floors, walls, and roof of the new process treatment building are complete. Piping, pumping, and treatment equipment installation inside of the building will continue throughout winter. The chlorine contact basin tank was taken out of service at the beginning of November and the modifications of the existing structure were begun in order to convert … Read More

Hector Wastewater Treatment Plant 10/23/15 Update

The concrete walls for the new biosolids storage tank are complete. The aeration and mixing equipment is ready to be installed. The masons have begun constructing the block walls for the new process building. The roof on the existing control building is being replaced and the roof for the new process building is going to follow after … Read More

Hector Wastewater Treatment Plant 10/20/15 Update

The new process building foundation and first floor concrete work is complete. The masons have begun erecting the new block walls for the building. The concrete base and walls for the biosolids storage tank are up and the mixing and aeration system for the tank are being installed. Roof replacement for the existing control building … Read More