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Strong Women Leading the Way in STEM: Amy Denz

Moore Engineering is proud to have many strong female employees who are thriving in their careers and leading the way for the next generation. Today, we would like to highlight one of our Moore Women who has grown in her career and is now leading as a part of the Moore Management Team.

Amy Denz joined the Moore family in 2019. Not only was Amy joining a firm in a male dominated field, but as an Environmental Scientist she was bringing a new discipline to the company as well. At the time she was hired, there was only engineering work at Moore.   Amy’s task was to bring and grow environmental services to the company. Amy has succeeded in helping to build this sector and is now the Environmental Sector Leader on our management team. While her hard work is evident in her career, Amy shares that there are ways that Moore Engineering has supported her.

Amy recalls that the values of kindness and respect are evident in Moore Engineering’s culture, in fact it was those values that originally interested her in working with Moore. These values help to create an environment where anyone, especially our female employees, can feel welcome and thrive in their careers. Moore’s culture also helps to incorporate a team-oriented approach where egos can be put aside, and everyone brings their best to the table.   

Another aspect of Moore that Amy really appreciates is the freedom and flexibility she has over her schedule.  As a wife and mother, the flexibility that Moore offers has allowed her to be successful in her profession and present with her family.  Through empowering our employees to put their time where it is needed most, it is easy to find work life integration. Our employees often find that they are able give the efforts needed to do their work and prioritize the other important aspects of their life. 

We are so proud to have Amy as part of our Moore Family. The strength and leadership that she brings to our team is unparalleled.  Moore Engineering is truly enriched by our women engineers and scientists.

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