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Stormwater in a Changing World | Permitting and Funding 

This post is the third installment of five articles highlighting stormwater, its impact on our daily lives, and how engineering expertise is applied to mitigate risk while remaining compliant.

So far in our series about stormwater, we have explored planning and modeling, and design and engineering solutions tailored to each community’s unique environment. While these are critical steps to the stormwater mitigation process, nothing can be accomplished without first obtaining the necessary permits and financial resources needed to turn plans into reality.  

Cutting Through the Weeds to Get What You Need 

Without guidance, navigating complex permitting regulations can be a time-consuming, frustrating, and never-ending challenge that developers, city planners, and landowners must confront. Federal, state, county, and local rules can be a massive roadblock, preventing the ground from ever being broken on your next project. 

Our team at Moore Engineering has years of experience obtaining necessary permits for hundreds of clients. 

“We have a team of experts who specialize in navigating the regulatory environment. This includes understanding the rules and regulations from municipalities and states for private development, reviewing development applications to ensure they meet city and state standards, and identifying opportunities to meet MS4 permitting requirements for maintenance and inspection. We are enthusiastic about this work and are ready to assist. We have experts in all of those areas and are excited about that type of work.”  

Dan Elemes, Water Resources Group Leader

Save Time. Save Money. 

“We don’t have the time!” This is the most common phrase our team hears from clients when discussing funding for their projects. Unfortunately, dismissing the problem will not get your community any closer to building the infrastructure it needs. Applying for grants, loans, and other funding sources is a necessary step in the process and lifts the financial burden from your community members. 

Designing and building stormwater projects is getting more expensive by the day. Climate change, supply chain issues, and the rising cost of raw materials and labor all contribute to increasingly unpalatable price tags. All that said, the cost of building resilient stormwater solutions is far less than the millions you will need to rebuild after an avoidable stormwater tragedy strikes. 

Physical safety and fiscal responsibility are a critical balancing act for city managers and developers. Luckily, Moore Engineering is here to tip the scales in your favor. 

In the last five years alone, Moore Engineering has secured nearly $270 million in state and federal funding as grants and low-interest financing. Our experts take time to develop strategies tailored to your specific needs that maximize funding and minimize wait times. From funding research, strategy, application submission, and grant management, we will guide you through every step in the funding process. 

End-to-End Support for Stormwater Success 

At Moore Engineering, we understand that building resilient infrastructure for your community involves more than just engineering. That is why we have spent years investing in our administrative support services to get you the permitting and funding resources you need.  

For over 60 years, clients have trusted Moore Engineering to lead projects smoothly from permitting and financing to completion – because improving lives means building storm-ready communities prepared for the challenges ahead. 

“We’ve got the experience and know how to look at what are the rules, what are the regulations, what is the funding, and how to get your project completed.”

Kurt Lysne, Market Leader/Water Resources
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