Lead Service Line Inventory Complying with MN Regulation

The state of MN Requires all Public Water Systems to submit to the state a lead service line inventory by October 14, 2024.

Gather your data

Identify the service line materials for both publicly and privately controlled portions of the line, even if it’s 100% privately owned.

Consolidate your data

Make your data accessible to the public and the Department of Health in a consistent electronic format. 

Stay up-to-date

Create a plan for determining missing information and update inventory at least as frequently as lead and copper sample schedule, at most annually.

Inform customers

If the water system contains lead, or if its status is unknown, everyone served by the water system must be informed.

Best in Class Solutions to Fit Your Needs

Moore Engineering’s service and compliance with EPA guidance includes executing historical records review and guiding customers through service line inspections. Our approach reduces costs and minimizes disturbance to public infrastructure and customers. The EPA’s best-practice methods are followed for visual inspections and water quality sampling. With 49 licensed professional engineers, Moore specializes in municipal and water/wastewater engineering.

Moore Engineering's Jim Sepp Inside Pump Station

Keep up to date on the latest news

The lead service line inventory program is in constant motion! Our experts are on top of every announcement and update. Click the button below to never miss a beat.

Effective Public Communication

Moore Engineering has served 130+ cities with engineering services and public informational meetings. Each owner/customer will be invited via billing statements to join a public meeting.

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