veterans blvd project

West Fargo, ND – Veterans Boulevard


Veterans Boulevard, a rural 2-lane roadway bordering West Fargo and Fargo needed expansion to facilitate a large volume of traffic projected within the corridor. Challenges included design of a facility to safely handle the increased vehicular and pedestrian traffic volumes anticipated to accommodate the new Liberty middle school being constructed.


Moore Engineering completed the preliminary and final design plans, bid documents and special provisions for the one mile stretch between 32nd Ave. and 40th Ave. The design called for a five-lane concrete roadway complete with medians, turn lanes and storm sewer and water main improvements. The reconstruction incorporated a levee to provide flood protection to the City of Fargo from the Sheyenne River or to the City of West Fargo from the Red River.
Moore led the public involvement process, including preparation of meeting agendas and preparation of presentation material, including Power Point and layouts. Moore Engineering also established the assessment district will prepare the assessment documents upon completion of the project construction.

Project Outcome

Roadway improvements were completed on time and have facilitated safety for the traveling public and also offer safe pedestrian accessibility. The project received the Gold Award for Excellence in Concrete by the North Dakota Ready-mix Association for 2013.

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