|el zagal levee project

Fargo, ND – El Zagal Levee


El Zagal is a low area in town that required a levee to eliminate temporary flood fighting measures around the El Zagal Bowl and provide a permanent solution to reduce risk to adjacent properties.


The solution to the repetitive flooding came in two phases. At this point in time, the City of Fargo has constructed a 2,500 linear foot clay levee around the El Zagal bowl. This required the construction of two new gatewell structures, 1,050 linear feet of new storm sewer force main, a new pump station, and other components. The project also included removal of trees and amenities around the bowl and on the golf course.

Phase II will consist of 900 lineal feet of earthen levee, 56 lineal feet of floodwall, a 64-foot temporary floodwall closure, one gatewell structure, 900 lineal feet of storm sewer, one sanitary lift station, 550 lineal feet of sanitary sewer, eight residential demolitions, and other appurtenances including sidewalks, curb and gutter, tree planting, water main removal, and pavement replacement.

This project was proposed to have floodwalls along 15th Ave. N. and 14th Ave. N. Moore Engineering demonstrated that an earthen levee rather than the floodwalls would be just as effective and provide significant cost savings. Because the earthen levee would affect the golf course, the City of Fargo discussed it with the Park District, making an agreeable offer. As a result, the Fargo Park District reconstructed the golf course and is presently constructing a new clubhouse.

Project Outcome

Moore Engineering completed the preliminary and final design plans, secured state and local permits, and performed construction inspection and observation. The project included agency coordination with the Fargo Park District, the FM Diversion Authority and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Coordination was also necessary with geotechnical and structural engineering sub-consultants to ensure levee and structural designs were in compliance with FEMA and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers levee standards. Upon completion and closeout, the project will be adopted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as part of the FM Metropolitan Flood Risk Management Project.

Upon completion of Phase II, this project will be submitted for FEMA accreditation.

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