Casselton, ND – 15th Avenue North Sewer and Water Extension


A local developer wanted to provide new residential lots on platted property that had sat vacant for many years. Significant challenges were preventing the ability to utilize the land to be built upon. The city currently did not have any sewer or water service for the properties. Many of the lots were not able to support homes since they were impacted by the realignment of a legal drain many years ago. Due to the realignment of the legal drain, an old floodway was also still going through many of the lots, causing them to be unbuildable.


Moore Engineering assisted the developer and City with preparing a plan to overcome the challenges that prevented the property from being built upon. First, Moore assisted the city with preparing a Letter of Map Revision based on new FEMA floodplain and floodway data, which corrected the floodway impacting the properties. Second, Moore assisted the developer in replatting the property in a manner that was no longer impacted by the realignment of the drain, providing 7 new residential lots. Lastly, Moore prepared the plans and specifications to extend sewer and water mains to service to all properties in the newly platted lots, and assisted the City with construction administration and observation, construction staking and record keeping throughout the duration of construction until the project was considered complete.


The challenges were significant to take land that was previously unbuildable and create an area of the city that now has new homes being built upon. The goals of both the developer and the City were accomplished through a plan of steps that was prepared and facilitated by Moore.

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