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Female Engineers Empowering Girls To Grow in Confidence

At Moore Engineering we celebrate our female engineers and value the diversity, passion, and expertise they bring to our team.  With 86.3% of currently employed engineers in the United States being male, women are very underrepresented in engineering and other STEM related fields. Our women engineers are committed to changing the narrative and inspiring the upcoming generation of women in engineering and STEM occupations.  Here are three of the ways the Women at Moore are doing this!

  • Exposure– Our female engineers aim to be visible examples to young girls who may be considering studying STEM related fields. The Moore women have been spotted volunteering in grade school classrooms and events such as Girl Scouts-Dakota Horizons “BIG” event.
  • Changing the Narrative– Some of our Moore Women recount that they never met a female engineer until college-and even then, it was a rare occurrence. It is important to establish that working in STEM or being an engineer is not assigned to specific gender roles. At Moore we are proud that our women lead others and illustrate that women are a strong force in STEM occupations.
  • Teach Girls Confidence-While self esteem and confidence concerns are not exclusive to women, it has been noted that women are more likely than men to have issues with self esteem or to look to outside sources or affirm and reaffirm their worth. Great skills to teach girls as they grow into confident women include focusing on positive self-talk and personal strengths as well as teaching assertive and positive mannerisms and communication skills.

We are so proud of the women at Moore Engineering. They are valuable assets to our team. Are you ready to join them? Find information about Moore’s available positions and how to join our team here!

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