Moore Engineering has remained committed to its mission of improving lives by building strong communities since its founding in 1960. For decades, we’ve proudly served thousands of public and private clients in communities across the region. Moore’s world-class team of engineers, scientists, and specialists has successfully completed thousands of projects, supporting the civil, environmental, transportation, and water infrastructure we all rely on.

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Civil Engineering
Water Resources

Moore Engineering is a 100% employee-owned firm specializing in civil, environmental, transportation, and water engineering services for public and private clients throughout the region.

Water Resources

Water Resources

Creating economic opportunity by meeting water challenges

Moore Engineering is a leader in water management across the region. For decades, we’ve played a key role in developing infrastructure that manages our most valuable resource. Our team of engineers and scientists has provided comprehensive water resource services to hundreds of public organizations and private landowners, including flood protection infrastructure, urban and rural water management, and planning & modeling services. Learn More.


  • Flood Protection Infrastructure
  • Right Of Way Assistance
  • Flood Risk Reduction Infrastructure
  • Funding Assistance
  • Construction Services
  • Urban Stormwater Infrastructure
  • Stormwater Utilities
  • Regional Stormwater Ponds
  • Lift Stations
  • Watershed Management
  • Water Quality Enhancement
  • Flood Insurance Studies
  • Planning & Modeling
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