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E-Week Spotlight: Eric Molbert, PE

Eric Molbert is a professional civil engineer who recently joined Moore’s Transportation team in our Bismarck office location. He has 26 years of engineering and management experience, including public and private projects involving highway and local road design, construction contract administration and site design. Eric completed 15 years with NDDOT in field engineering, surveying, environmental documentation, and construction claim analysis.

What do you love most about being an Engineer?
“I love the ability to make real change for the transportation user.  A lot of the work is just maintaining the system which doesn’t get a lot of love, but users would quickly notice if it wasn’t being done.”

 What drew you to engineering as a career?
“I’ve always been an engineering type, curious about how things work and react; and efficient solutions to problems.”

 What drew you to your practice area?
“I just fell into transportation work as that was where the jobs were when I graduated.”

 What do you find unique about the engineering field?
“A lot of improvements have occurred in the software and survey equipment to put a transportation design together.  And also a contractor’s need now for electronic data for machine control. There is considerable change coming in how plans are delivered.”

Do you have advice for someone interested in this job/field?
“Even though the tools are getting more powerful, you need to understand the underlying design protocol and be able to document your work.”

 What are the particular talents or skills that are most important for an engineer?
“As a design engineer, you need some good common sense. Often we make things to complicated. Always think about the contractor or surveyor that is going to have to stake out and build your design.”

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