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E-Week Spotlight: Anthony Sommerfeld, PE

Anthony Sommerfeld is Professional Civil Engineer working in our Land & Site Group. He graduated from NDSU with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering and has 8 years of Engineering experience working on both private and public projects throughout the state of North Dakota. Anthony has provided preliminary planning, design, and construction & project closeout engineering on residential & commercial land development projects. He’s also an active member of the F-M Engineers Club (Chapter 4).

In your words, give us a general overview of the duties/functions/responsibilities specific to your practice area.
“Most of my work pertains to designing public infrastructure to service new residential or commercial areas currently not serviced by city infrastructure. I also work on private infrastructure for infill development or properties expanding/changing use. The city/private infrastructure I design includes sanitary sewer, storm sewer, water main, stormwater retention, roadway and parking lots. I work with various cities, parks and schools, as well as architects and private developers located primarily in the F-M/WF Area. Recent projects include residential developments in West Fargo, Horace and Kindred; a new public park in West Fargo; Housing Authority of Cass County Senior Housing Redevelopment in West Fargo and Red River Biorefinery Ethanol Plant in Grand Forks. No project is too small or too large.”

What do you love most about being an Engineer?
“I enjoy that every day I am learning something new that I can use on the next project. Also the ability to see my projects go from concept to reality. Driving down a road or through a site has more meaning when you had a hand in it.”

What drew you to Engineering as a career?
“I enjoyed problem solving and working with a team to determine the best solution for the issue at hand.”

What do you find unique about the Engineering field?
“You can give 100 Engineers the same problem, and we all come up with our own solution. While some might be similar, some will be drastically different and most of them will work. “

 Do you have advice for someone interested in this job/field?
“I would highly recommend getting a construction inspection or surveying internship, as this will teach you how things are constructed in the field.”

 What are the particular talents or skills that are most important for an Engineer?
“Organization and communication are very important skills to have as an Engineer. Most days I touch multiple projects, and depending on the project size, I might work with 2-10+ other individuals on the same project, in some capacity.”

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