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Discover the Difference with Moore Engineering

Since 1960, Moore has been a pillar throughout North Dakota and Minnesota communities.  Through our efforts on more than 22,000 projects we have improved lives by building strong communities. We have done great work in advancing the region’s water, municipal, campus and transportation infrastructure. We take pride in being leaders in the industry. Moore’s success is only part of what makes our company great. Our values also help us to stand out and be different in the industry. Through our efforts to embody respect, integrity, accountability, loyalty, and kindness we create a culture that stands out for both our employees and clients.

Respect is deeply rooted in our culture at Moore Engineering. It is vital to the success of our projects that we recognize our client’s knowledge and expertise as we collaborate and execute the planned designs. This respect carries over into our office time as well. At Moore we have high respect for our employees. Moore works hard to respect our employee’s work life integration as we empower them to put their time where it is needed most.

Integrity allows us to be authentic in our work. We consistently give the best of ourselves in the office and support each other to do the same. This integrity carries over into our work with our clients. We strive to ensure that our clients know they will be getting our best service.

Accountability is a core value that helps keep our company moving. As part of respecting our employee’s time and empowering them to put their efforts where it is needed most, we value that our employees are accountable to their tasks and get their jobs done when and how they need to be. This shows to our clients as they also can trust that Moore will deliver quality every time, they work with us.

Loyalty is something we take seriously at Moore Engineering.  We are loyal to our employees and the communities we serve. Not only are our employees encouraged to find their own work life balance, but Moore is also supportive of their employee’s choices. Whether it’s a new mother returning from maternity leave, an employee furthering their education and needing to balance work and classes, or an employee needing to put focus on another aspect of their life, Moore Engineering supports and encourages our employees through flexible working options.

In our communities you can often see Moore Engineering involved in community events or volunteer opportunities. Some of the things we have been involved with include Meals on Wheels delivery, planting trees in Minot or even taking part in community parades such as Fargo’s Community Holiday Lights parade!

In our mission to improve lives by building strong communities, kindness is at the center of what Moore Engineering believes. Communities are more than physical structure and layout. Communities are also made stronger by the individuals who live in them! Of all impressions that are made, people will always remember how you made them feel. Whether its interoffice interactions or meeting with clients and the community, we strive to be kind and leave others uplifted.

These values help to set Moore Engineering apart. We love that our employees describe us as “Moore Like a Family”.  Are you ready to experience Moore in your career? Discover all our available positions!

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