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Amy Denz and Tara Ostendorf Feature in MN Cities

Amy Denz, Environmental Group Leader, and Tara Ostendorf, Project Coordinator, wrote a feature article that was published in the September/October 2020 edition of Minnesota Cities. The article is called, “One Watershed, One Plan: A Local Level Perspective”. Read the article below, or take a look at the full publication here.     Is your city … Read More

Tyrel Clark’s Feature in AWWA

Tyrel Clark, Water/Wastewater Group Leader at Moore Engineering, has a feature article in the American Water Works Association, Summer 2020 edition. Read the article below!     Engineers Keep People Safe The first licensing for engineers was in Wyoming in 1907. Since then, every state has enacted some form of engineering licensure law, the last … Read More

Flint’s drinking water problem could happen elsewhere

How to avoid drinking water problems in your city In recent months, tests on the water system in Flint, Michigan, revealed high levels of lead and damage to potable water infrastructure due to a failure to implement corrosion control treatment. It’s a series of events that, arguably, was completely avoidable with the right decisions from … Read More