Municipal Administration

It’s comforting to know a proven professional is available when it’s time to create a city budget, issue bonds or create special assessment districts, among many other activities. Our municipal administration consulting team brings decades of governmental accounting experience to help manage cities.

Accounting Services

  • Properly set up accounting records and record transactions
  • Review legal reporting timelines required by state statutes – budgets, special assessments, accounting reports and others
  • Create an annual city budget and calculate levy requests to the county
  • Review the city’s financial position and recommend improvements

Capital Improvement Projects

  • Properly record capital improvement projects and transactions
  • Issuance of bonds, loans and other debt items, and properly record the transactions*
  • Create special assessment districts, including notification requirements

Other Services

  • Plan new developments, exploring the use of various state programs and other funding options, including Tax Increment Financing (TIF) districts, developer agreements and other options
  • Contracted on-demand support for accounting and other administrative questions

* Does not include municipal adviser services