Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Not just maps – information for smart decisions

GIS does not just display maps; it creates information about your facilities, your city and your environment. GIS provides an efficient means to maintain infrastructure data.

GIS turns lists and databases into stunning, full-color displays of your geography and the resources that serve you. GIS can precisely and accurately place your facilities, resources and environment over your geography – creating interactive displays useful in a variety of environments and for almost unlimited purposes.

Whether it is using LiDAR or other remote sensing technologies, understanding your tax rolls, knowing where you buried pipe in the ground or visualizing your project before it’s built, our GIS experts can evaluate your needs, guide you through implementation and help you integrate GIS into your resource management processes.


  • LiDAR
  • Infrastructure inventory
  • Capital improvements
  • Assessment calculations
  • Visualize a community’s infrastructure and ecosystem
  • Perform facilities management
  • Use remote sensing technologies like LiDAR
  • Analyze your tax rolls
  • Document buried pipe
  • See a project before it’s built