Watershed Planning

Watershed Management Planning and Coordination

Water planning in Minnesota has transitioned from a county scale to a watershed scale. As more of these plans are approved and implemented, coordination between cities, counties, watershed districts, and other water management authorities requires greater cooperation and problem-solving. Using a science-based approach to identify solutions for water quality and quantity issues across the state requires collaborative efforts across many of our local government offices.

How can Moore Engineering help?

Our staff is experienced in the watershed-based planning process, the goals of the One Watershed One Plan program, and the coordination efforts necessary to successfully implement these plans. Our team understands state funding policies, local government authorities, and conservation and outreach programs. We have the technical capabilities to navigate our clients through the watershed planning and funding processes, resulting in successful water improvement projects.

Some of our specific skills include:

  • Committee coordination and meeting facilitation
  • Tools and hosted services for data management
  • Mapping services to better visualize plan goals and priorities
  • Interactive tools and services to track and evaluate plan progress
  • Model analysis experience to understand targeted projects and programs
  • Grant writing and management experience for state and federal programs

Services to fit your needs

Moore Engineering is a full-service engineering firm, with the experience and skills to assist with any phase of watershed planning and project implementation. We are proud to be leaders in this field and want to continue supporting our clients to achieve their plan goals.

Supporting services include:

  • Field and drone survey services
  • Construction design, bidding, and oversight
  • Soil health services
  • Multi-purpose drainage management design and construction
  • Environmental permitting


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