Grants and Funding

Funding is a make-it-or-break-it component of every project. Developing a comprehensive funding strategy, executing that strategy throughout project development, and successfully securing those dollars is a critical pathway to project success.

How can Moore Engineering help?

Moore Engineering is a leader in developing funding strategies that get results. Our team has experience working with federal, state, and regional sources to successfully acquire funding for our clients. Our approach integrates a broad view of the funding landscape with a nuanced appreciation of your goals at each phase of the project. From planning grants for initial concept development and design assistance to long-term funding packages for construction and monitoring, Moore Engineering has the experience and expertise to secure funding that opens the pathway to project success.

Some of our specific skills include:

  • Proposal research and development
  • Public engagement and facilitation services
  • Outreach and marketing strategies
  • Application writing and submission
  • Funding award administration and execution
  • Labor standards compliance
  • Data retention and management service