Hector, MN – New Water Tower


The City of Hector’s tower was a 100,000-gallon multi-column tank. Installed in 1976, the tower was a previously used, reclaimed tank. By 2010, it was showing signs of its age with rust, paint failures and structural deficiencies.

In addition, the tower was slightly undersized for the community of 1,100 people when considering fire flow storage and the storage volume required for filter backwash at the water plant.

To continue providing a sufficient supply of safe driving water to the people of Hector, the city needed to take action on refurbishing or replacing.


Moore Engineering assisted the city with installing a new 150,000-gallon single pedestal tower near the old tower. This tank would be easier and more cost-efficient to maintain, provide an additional 50,000 gallons of capacity and offered better in-tank mixing and less cold weather ice formation than the previous tower.


In 2016, the new tower was put into service and the old tower was removed. The new tower provides the city with the ability to grow and better serve residents. Further, it features an aeronautical graphic to represent the city’s aerial history.

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