Dilworth, Minn – Keystone 1st Addition

The City of Dilworth currently has little to no residential lot inventory for their expanding community. Along with a shortage in residential lots, there were some additional challenges. Designing and finding ways to pay for the arterial roadways was one of those challenges. The need was to give access to Highway 10 from the new Keystone Development using these arterial roadways. The downstream sanitary sewer system was also not adequately sized for the impending growth.

Moore Engineering, Inc. and the City of Dilworth have been working with the developer on the Keystone project, which will produce 105 new residential/single family lots this year. Budgeting and planning with the city are a few of the additional services Moore has provided. Moore designed the new development and the arterial roadways for access to the new development. In addition, Moore Engineering also designed the installation of downstream sanitary sewer infrastructure which includes the construction of two new lift stations and over three miles of forcemain to Moorhead.

These upgrades are sized for additional capacity, leaving Dilworth situated for future expansion.

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