Arthur, N.D. – Water System Improvement


In 2016, the City of Arthur replaced all of its water main and then completed a street overlay/repair project in 2017. The city had remaining grant funds from the project that they wanted to use for their city. The city zeroed in on additional repairs that they wanted to address.

The City has had problems with its water tower for years, and their control system has been in place for decades. The tower freezes in the winter, and overflows at times due to malfunctioning controls and poor valves at the city’s rural water vault. A licensed inspector inspected the city’s tower and made numerous recommendations for changes and upgrades.


The City of Arthur worked with Moore Engineering, Inc. to put together a plan to address the coating of the tower, the safety upgrades and requirements of the tower, and the control issues.  Moore worked with the city to put together a bid package to put out for contractors. The city plans to open bids early April for the work and begin construction the summer of 2018. The repairs and upgrades will be completed by fall of 2018.

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