Langdon, N.D. – Sewer, Water and Storm Sewer Improvement


The City of Langdon has aging infrastructure and streets in dire need of replacement. The city has some sanitary sewer mains that are much shallower than recommended, especially in the northern part of North Dakota.

The Public Works Department in Langdon has battled freezing sanitary sewer mains for years. On top of the sanitary sewer main issues, the City’s water main have very few (if any) working gate valves. This means the City can’t isolate areas of the city during fire fights. Along with nonfunctional gate valves, the city has numerous water shutoffs to homeowners that don’t work. The city’s storm sewer system is also undersized, and doesn’t drain properly. Therefore, water collects in the streets and seeps into the subgrade, causing problems in the city’s street sections.

Collectively, these challenges have created the most visible issue throughout the city: broken down streets. The streets are in extremely rough shape and are even tough to drive on in some locations.


The City of Langdon hired Moore Engineering, Inc. to submit a United States Department of Agriculture – Rural Development funding application in hopes of securing grant and loan funds to help pay for the improvements throughout the city.  Moore Engineering, Inc. began the process of submitting a funding application in late 2016 and the city received a letter of conditions securing the funds in June of 2017. 

After this, Moore Engineering, Inc. worked with the city to put together a plan to repair the most dire needs of the city’s infrastructure. As part of the plans, Moore Engineering, Inc. recommended abandoning one of the city’s sanitary sewer lift stations to save the city operation and maintenance costs.

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