LaMoure, N.D. – Sewer Improvements

Approximately 900 residents call the City of LaMoure home in south central North Dakota situated along the James River. The city currently has issues with sewer mains that were installed in the 1930s as a combined sanitary sewer and storm sewer. A small portion of the existing sanitary sewer mains are still largely oversized as 18-inch and 24-inch vitrified clay pipe (VCP) sewer mains.

In 2012, the city moved forward with replacing twelve blocks of sanitary sewer main in an effort to be proactive and start the process of upgrading their sanitary sewer mains. The city still needs to replace approximately 32 blocks of sanitary sewer mains throughout the city. These sanitary sewer mains are nearing the end of their useful life and have begun to break down considerably.

Situated so closely to the James River, the City of LaMoure experiences very high groundwater issues which leads to infiltration and inflow into their sanitary sewer system. During flooding periods in the past, the city has had to discharge the lift station directly into the James River to prevent sewer backups. The current condition of the sanitary sewer mains allow for the groundwater to drain into the sanitary sewer mains. The groundwater collected by the sanitary sewer system is then drained to the lift station and treated as wastewater. The excess groundwater causes extra pumping and extends lift station run times, decreasing the life span of the lift station pumps.

The city is currently pursuing a project to replace the rest of the deteriorated sanitary sewer mains by either full replacement or relining the existing mains that are in good shape. This project will help the city combat possible sewage backups during flooding periods and will also cut down on the lift station run times, cutting future repair and replacement costs.

In July, the City of LaMoure bid a project to replace 25 blocks of sanitary sewer and reline 6 blocks of sanitary sewer. With the sewer replacement will come all new curb and gutter and asphalt streets for the areas slated to be replaced and all new curb and gutter and an asphalt overlay for areas to be relined. 


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