New England, N.D. – Water System Improvement


Cast-iron water main pipes in New England, North Dakota were nearly 70 years old and filled with rust deposits. The pipe corrosion was diminishing water pressure, leaving residents with minimal water pressure and the town with low flow from fire hydrants.


The city council agreed to begin pursuing funding for a $5 million one-phase project as part of a $17 million, four-phase project that will span four years. Along with Moore Engineering, the city helped clarify the project scope to minimize the amount of disturbance in newly constructed areas for future phases. The project included approximately 33 blocks of water main replacement, water service replacement, fire hydrant replacement, gate valve replacement, water meter replacement and street replacement above the affected utilities. Some storm sewer was also replaced that was in the project area.


After the first phase of construction, the city is thrilled with the updated water mains and related items.  Some homeowners have seen minor improvements in pressure and flow in their homes.  Upon completion, the four phases will address nearly all of the utility issues that the city is facing from water main issues, to sanitary sewer issues as well.

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