West Fargo Community Information

No doubt about it, the Fargo area is one of the best metro areas in the country. We have it all – major college sporting events, a vigorous music and arts scene, dynamic growth, culinary delights around every corner, craft breweries, fantastic parks and golf courses, strong neighborhood schools, plentiful housing and more than 35,000 college students. On top of all that, we’re surrounded by the beauty of lakes country and some of America’s best hunting grounds.

Moore Engineering is proud of the role we play as city engineer in helping guide historic growth in West Fargo, a city that more than doubled its population in the past 15 years, and the leading role we play in helping reduce the risk of flooding in the region. We are key partners in the most significant engineering projects in the region, providing interesting and challenging work for our employees. And as the city engineer for dozens of area communities, we are committed to sustaining this region’s economic and social health.

We like it here, and you will, too. There’s something special in the balance this community achieves between metropolitan amenities and traditional values. We welcome new friends with open arms, take care of each other like family and understand that it takes hard work and commitment to sustain the lifestyle we enjoy.



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