Responsible for the supervision and direction of the Accounting Department to ensure accuracy and timeliness of all financial and tax information and related reports, and compliance with corporate policies and governmental requirements. Provides major input into external and internal audit functions associated with the Company.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

System/Process Reliability and Integrity

  • Maintains a system of documented financial and accounting policies and procedures
  • Maintains a system of documented internal controls to insure the accuracy and integrity of the financial records and reports


  • Responsible for the supervision and strategic direction of the accounting department in alignment with company strategy
  • Directs the accounting group in the processing of payroll, payables, receivables and fixed assets
  • Prepares monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements in a timely fashion
  • Prepares monthly cash flow projections and periodically monitors to anticipate surplus or shortages
  • Administers purchasing procedures and reviews all disbursements of funds
  • Reviews the accounts receivable and works with Project Managers to ensure prompt collection and provides follow-up when past due balances occur
  • Monitors the firm’s financial indexes on a monthly basis to maintain it at the minimum level required for effective operation
  • Coordinates with the company’s CPA firm on specialized requirements that necessitate outside counsel
  • Recommends, implements and enforces company accounting policies
  • Interacts with Department Managers and Project Managers in various accounting matters such as billings, collections, data processing, etc.
  • Determines the financial impact of adopting corporate policies
  • Monitors the firm’s compliance with various financial restrictions and debt covenants
  • Monitors all department’s adherence to company goals, objectives and budgets and provides progress reports to the CFO
  • Evaluates and compares the firm’s operating results to industry-wide standards
  • Provides assistance to the CFO in acting as liaison with outside financial parties such as banks and other creditors as requested
  • Performs various analyses or conducts special projects for members of the management team
  • Establishes and maintains a system for the allowable and non-allowable expenses for FAR/AASHTO reporting

Financial Reporting

  • Works with company leaders to define reporting needs of the organization
  • Creates and maintains a system for generation and distribution of reports to appropriate personnel on the agreed upon schedule
  • Creates and maintains reports comparing actual results to budget along with identifying and explaining significant variances


  • Responsible for preparation of financial budgets through coordination and input from company leaders
  • Responsible for preparation and monitoring capital expenditure budgets

Project Management

  • Ensures that all new projects and promotional jobs are properly initiated in the accounting and project management system and the budgets, billing procedures, and other special requirements are denoted by the project engineer
  • Monitors project performance against pre-determined budget and informs management if corrective actions are required
  • Works with Project Managers on contract administration to ensure that all required documents have between properly completed and included in the contract file and that the agreement is adhered to for purpose of billing, project management and government regulations where appropriate
  • Establishes and maintains a system whereby project engineers update status budgets and other job-related data on a regular basis

Business Software Management

  • Maintains and updates the Business Software including job costing, receivable control, payable and analysis, work in progress control, manpower utilization, overhead analysis and financial reporting so that the system provides timely and meaningful information to management
  • Establishes and maintains a system of security in the ERP system that limits access to applications and information necessary for the individual to perform the job functions they are responsible for

Audit Responsibilities

  • Represents the Company during annual audits of financial statements by external accounting firm and negotiates all accounting/audit issues to the best advantage of the firm (including annual reports, the break-even multiplier report, and the Trust)
  • Evaluates, monitors and makes recommendations to the CFO on the Company’s system of internal control in order to ensure that the Company’s assets and financial records are safeguarded
  • Supervises the internal audit function of the firm in order to maintain a high level of accuracy and integrity of financial information
  • Represents the firm during audits of overhead rates and contracts by various governmental agencies and negotiates all audit issues to the firm’s best advantage


  • Assists CFO in seeking alternative solutions to financing transactions including forms, pricing and reporting
  • Assists CFO in negotiations with various lending institutions regarding line of credit renewals
  • Assists in daily cash management functions such as cash reporting, cash transfers and line of credit transfers in order to conserve the Company’s cash position
  • Assists in supervising the purchasing function throughout the firm
  • Assists, as requested, in negotiations for mergers/acquisitions or disposals of subsidiaries

Overhead Multipliers (AASHTO/FAR)

  • Prepares multiplier reports for various local, state and federal government agencies
  • Responsible for planning considerations and determining impact of major transactions on Company’s overhead rates
  • Assists Project Managers in the pricing of governmental contracts


  • Ability to effectively manage a group of employees
  • Administers the firm’s insurance program
  • Coordinates the annual foreign corporation reporting
  • Responsible for the maintenance and operation of all company vehicles
  • Performs special projects at the request of the President, CEO, COO, and CFO
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting
  • CPA, CMA and/or MBA
  • Minimum ten years’ diversified accounting experience, including public accounting and supervisory experience
  • Working knowledge of GAAP and Tax Laws
  • Strong analytical background and skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Able to evaluate the effectiveness of accounting software/systems and supporting databases
  • Thorough expertise in accounting and financial fields and working knowledge of firm’s design disciplines

Preferred Qualifications

  • Working knowledge of the professional, ethical, governmental and market influences affecting an engineering consulting company
  • Experience with governmental audits, development and forecasting of allowable factors and profit margins
  • ESOP company knowledge or experience
  • Public accounting experience
  • Tax planning and reporting experience
  • Merger and acquisition experience

Moore Engineering, Inc. has the right to revise this job description at any time. This job description is not a contract for employment, and either the Employee or the Employer may terminate employment at any time, for any reason. Moore Engineering is an EEO/AA Employer.