The future of rural airports

Insight into trends for rural airports and what small cities need to know to maintain viable air travel options What comes to mind when you think of air travel? Hopping a Delta flight? Heading to Minneapolis for a vacation in the sun? The jet way at your local airport? What about the 89 general aviation … Read More

FEMA levee certification reduces need for flood insurance

It’s fall. The ground is frosty in the morning. Those once-beautiful, turning leaves are now on the ground begging to be raked. Asphalt suppliers are shutting down for the season. You might think it’s time for the water resources and floodplain professionals to start booking winter vacations and taking it easy. After all, it’s kind … Read More

Jim Brownlee hired as a Municipal Administration Specialist

Moore Engineering recently hired Jim Brownlee as a municipal administration specialist. In his role, Brownlee will provide consulting services to cities on a variety of administrative and accounting support services. Jim graduated from Moorhead State University with a degree in accounting and became a certified public accountant in 1985. Jim was an audit manager for … Read More

Are you ready for your next transportation project?

Safe, reliable transportation is vital for every community. But how does a county decide when a roadway is due for maintenance or reconstruction? What goes into determining the need? And where does the funding come from? At Moore Engineering, a transportation project begins with an evaluation of the transportation system. It sounds simple, but there’s … Read More

Cooperation key to building Upper Maple River Dam

WEST FARGO, N.D. – As eastern North Dakota continues to work on limiting the impact of a major Red River flood, residents along the upper Maple River watershed are anticipating the benefits of a $9 million project that will dramatically reduce their flood risk. The heart of the project is a dam and concrete spillway … Read More

Low-head dams: High-risk “drowning machines”

Low-head dams, named for their low profiles, are usually no more than 15 feet tall. While these brick or concrete structures may be small in stature, they often act as “drowning machines,” presenting high risk to anyone entering the waters around the dam. Upstream of one these dams, the water often looks smooth and inviting. … Read More

Leveraging the power of GIS

Geographic information systems (GIS) technology is a powerful tool for communities because it puts them in control of their own information. It’s interactive, so civic leaders can connect data pieces and create their own layers of current information quickly and efficiently. Integrating outside software with GIS technology creates some very powerful results. A great example … Read More

Moore selected for PSMJ Circle of Excellence for third consecutive year

WEST FARGO, N.D. – Moore Engineering, Inc., was again selected by PSMJ Resources, Inc., for its Circle of Excellence. Nationwide, only 66 firms made the exclusive list in 2015. Moore Engineering is the only North Dakota engineering firm on the 2015 list. PSMJ’s Circle of Excellence highlights firms that are well-managed, based on key performance … Read More

Keeping up with the drone revolution

Simplify, simplify. Simplification is the best way to reduce costs, become most efficient, and – in the case of mobile GIS software paired with drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) – possibly even more accurate. Brady Woodard, one of Moore’s construction engineers, had the opportunity to attend the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) conference in … Read More