5 Ways Cities Keep Residents Informed on a Project

Best practices in communicating with the public over the life of a project: what, how, when, where, why Strong communication to residents affected by a city project is key to minimizing the disruption to their day. A system should be in place to disseminate information to keep traffic flows moving during any project. Here are … Read More

Moore lands on ENR’s list of Top 500 Design Firms

Moore Engineering landed at number 448 on ENR magazine’s list of Top 500 Design Firms for 2016. The list ranks by annual revenue the 500 largest firms that provide construction design services. “Moore has experienced dramatic growth the past several years,” said Jeffry Volk, Moore’s president and CEO. “Our footprint in the industry is getting … Read More

Top 5 Benefits of Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

If you haven’t taken the leap into Geographic Information Systems (GIS) yet, maybe you’re wondering why you need it or what you would do with it. Whether the maps are for locating and managing your city’s information – be it underground utilities or actual roadways – or to visualize property boundaries, a GIS-based map is … Read More

Flint’s drinking water problem could happen elsewhere

How to avoid drinking water problems in your city In recent months, tests on the water system in Flint, Michigan, revealed high levels of lead and damage to potable water infrastructure due to a failure to implement corrosion control treatment. It’s a series of events that, arguably, was completely avoidable with the right decisions from … Read More

The future of rural airports

Insight into trends for rural airports and what small cities need to know to maintain viable air travel options What comes to mind when you think of air travel? Hopping a Delta flight? Heading to Minneapolis for a vacation in the sun? The jet way at your local airport? What about the 89 general aviation … Read More

FEMA levee certification reduces need for flood insurance

It’s fall. The ground is frosty in the morning. Those once-beautiful, turning leaves are now on the ground begging to be raked. Asphalt suppliers are shutting down for the season. You might think it’s time for the water resources and floodplain professionals to start booking winter vacations and taking it easy. After all, it’s kind … Read More

Jim Brownlee hired as a Municipal Administration Specialist

Moore Engineering recently hired Jim Brownlee as a municipal administration specialist. In his role, Brownlee will provide consulting services to cities on a variety of administrative and accounting support services. Jim graduated from Moorhead State University with a degree in accounting and became a certified public accountant in 1985. Jim was an audit manager for … Read More